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Free Top 40 mp3s and others for 9 cents
Free Top 40 mp3s and others for 9 cents

Are you in search of music to download? Well, there are so many sites around you that offer tons of music that you can choose from all your favorites and new tunes that you can start to love. The great thing with downloads is that you can find songs from classics up to newly released ones so it is an ideal way to get music making it more convenient for everyone. Plus with a portable mp3 player you can listen to everything on the go wherever you are, whatever you are doing. Music is a great companion that can also compliment any mood you are in. Some might still prefer CDs over music to download as CDs are tangible.

However, there are so many factors in downloading that allows it to compete with CDs. For one, getting downloads costs much less then purchasing CDs. When you get CDs you are forced to purchase whole albums even if there are some songs you don’t really like. With downloading, you can choose to download albums or just individual songs. The best part is most sites usually charge for unlimited downloads so you don’t need to pay a per download fee. With downloading you can get the music you want instantly and you don’t have to pay such a high price to enjoy listening to music. Another thing with CDs is that it comes with artwork.

Some people purchase CDs for the artwork that comes with each album. The thing with music to download is that many don’t know that when you download albums, it also comes with artwork. So really whatever CDs have to offer, downloads offers as well. Many just need to be informed that downloads can just be as great as CDs or even better. What’s also great about music to download is that it doesn’t get damaged and it can’t get lost. With CDs, extra care has to be taken because CDs can easily get scratched. Once a CD is scratched when you play it the music will start skipping and you won’t get to enjoy it anymore.

Other than that, some of your pals might want to borrow a CD and in the end you might lose it or never see it again. These factors causes you to waste the money you spent on the CD you purchased which you will never encounter with downloads. If you want music to download then you should check out Legal Sounds. Legal Sounds is an unlimited mp3 download site that offers top 40 mp3 downloads for free with just your email address.  . You can get everything at Legal Sounds and the choices are limitless.  If a song is not free its just 9 cents!  Download all the media you want with no limitations.   Join Legal Sounds and start downloading now to enjoy all these perks!

Get unlimited Top 40 mp3 downloads for free and other albums for about a dollar!

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