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Free Top 40 mp3s and others for 9 cents
Free Top 40 mp3s and others for 9 cents

Are you a fan of music songs? Surely you are, there probably isn’t anyone who doesn’t like music. Music is a part of life and is something we all need in certain events of our lives. It would be hard to imagine life without it. Music is used in our birthday parties, weddings, during the Christmas holidays, other events, when we are happy, or sad, and even in other somber celebrations like funerals and such. Really music songs are everywhere. The easiest and most convenient way to get music songs is through downloading them. Surely you have experienced all the different ways of listening to music since, or if you weren’t old enough to have experienced them, you probably see them lying around once in a while.

Although records, cassette tapes and CDs aren’t as popular nowadays, they are still being used by some for various purposes. Let’s start out with records, these are still used today by DJs who spin or mix songs in clubs. Or perhaps your grandparents or parents still use these to listen to music songs. But whatever the case these records are not something you can lug around and listen to wherever you go. They are massive in size and carrying a bunch could be quite heavy and impractical. If you compare records to mp3 downloads then downloads should be more of your choice as it is convenient, and you can listen to music anywhere you go, whatever you are doing as long as you have an mp3 player.

Cassette tapes came along after records and were thought of as a great invention as the size of tapes is much smaller and lighter. Plus, with tapes, you can purchase blank ones and record all sorts of things, even your own music. Cassette tapes are more handy then records but still it isn’t as convenient as downloading music because with tapes, to listen to the music you want, you have to rewind or fast-forward, whereas with mp3s, no need for rewinding, all you need to do is play the forward or back button and you are on to your next music song.

After cassette tapes, of course CDs came out in the market. Until today, CDs are still used for so many things as it is a better more high-tech version of cassette tapes, built more like records. However, many prefer to download music songs rather than purchasing CDs as they have become quite expensive and CDs can also get easily damaged. If you compare them to mp3 downloads, downloads cost much less and are more convenient to obtain. When looking for the best place to download songs, go to one site that caters to all your downloading needs – Legal Sounds. They offer unlimited top 40 mp3 downloads for free, all you need is to subscribe with your email address.   You can get all the music you want with  in this one site.  If a song is not free then its just 9 cents!  Why not join Legal Sounds, you won’t regret it.

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