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Free Top 40 mp3s and others for 9 cents
Free Top 40 mp3s and others for 9 cents

Music downloads have become a part of life. You see many people walking the streets, riding the subway or on the plane, all listening to music with their mp3 players or iPods. Music makes people laugh, smile, and it creates a great atmosphere altogether. Music is used in so many ways, for dancing, in parties, celebrations or even in solemn events. Music really means a lot for all of us, can you imagine life without music? Probably notit wouldn’t be as exciting.

Before music downloads came about, there are so many other forms of music used that have evolved throughout the years. The record player is actually the oldest and the longest form of device used for playing recorded sound. This device came out in the 1870s and was used till the 1980s. Isn’t that a long time? Of course nowadays record players or turntables are still used to play music by DJs in clubs so it really is the longest and oldest form used to play music. Well from the record player, the evolution of players evolved quite quickly. Cassette tape players came about, mini disc players and CDs. Until today, these forms are probably still used by some but not as often as many have chosen to stick to music downloads.

Music downloads is just the better way to go for so many reasons, it is convenient and it gives you so many options. Sure you download songs but you can choose to keep it on your computer, transfer it to your mp3 player or even burn it to a CD. The options are limitless. It is all up to you. That’s what’s great about the era we live in, we have so many choices to choose from so we can do things exactly how we want. Think about it, music downloads are the way to go. No need to lug around cassette tapes or CD players along with the collection of CDs and tapes you have. No need to spend such a high price for CDs that can easily get scratched or misplaced.

With downloading, you get what you want, when you want. An awesome downloading site that offers music and a lot more is Legal Sounds. This site is great because you get to choose from millions of songs you know and love.  What’s even better is that the top 40 downloads are free you only need to sign up with your email address.   If you are a fan of downloading and want an easy convenient site, then why not join Legal Sounds? They have everything you need with downloads and more.  Songs that aren’t free are just 9 cents if you choose to buy. Otherwise just enjoy the free downloads.

Get unlimited Top 40 mp3 downloads for free and other albums for about a dollar!

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