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Free Top 40 mp3s and others for 9 cents
Free Top 40 mp3s and others for 9 cents

Although downloading is the convenient way to go, there are some people who still prefer to purchase CDs over downloading. CDs are still around because they still have a following who choose CDs for several reasons. It really depends on the preference of each person but in the end, however way you get the music, it should make you feel happy and content. There are several reasons why CDs are still preferred by some today that include CDs being a tangible thing, some who like to purchase CDs for its artwork, or some who like to purchase full CD albums not knowing that they can actually get full download albums.CDs are considered tangible because it is something you can physically hold in your hands.

Others still prefer purchasing CDs because they like being able to pull the CD of a shelf before listening to it. The thing with CDs is that though it was the portable way to listen to music in the past, it is quite difficult to lug around now. Why go out of your way to carry a Discman along with a bunch of CDs when you can easily carry around an mp3 player? Surely the convenience of an mp3 player is more enticing then holding a CD in your hand, plus the great thing with downloads is that it won’t get damaged or lost like a CD which can simply get scratched.Aside from CDs being a tangible thing, some still buy these discs compared to getting to download albums because of the artwork that is found in along with the CD.

Usually artists have a tiny booklet of pictures, artwork, dedications and such. What many probably don’t know is that if you download albums, you also get the complete artwork along with it. Plus, it is saved in your computer so you can keep it forever, unlike CDs that can easily get lost. Really there is nothing that CDs have that downloads can’t offer. For one, you can download albums in full online without having to purchase a CD. When an album comes out it doesn’t mean that the only way for you to have it is by purchasing CD.

Since our technology has become so advanced, you can already download albums online and not even leave your home at all. There are many ready albums to download from Legal Sounds, in fact they not only have albums, but all the songs you love. Legal Sounds is an unlimited top 40 mp3 download site that offers free downloads with just your email address. You can choose from millions of songs in their archive.   You can get everything you need with just this one Legal Sounds site. Download all the media you want with no limitations.  If its not free a song is just 9 cents!  Legal Sounds has everything you need – why not join and become a member now.

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